Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wild turkeys

Ha. The "wild turkeys" around our place are becoming less and less wild. Here is a fuzzy photo taken Monday morning of them all sitting on top of our chicken pen (eyeing the feed inside, no doubt). I took it through the kitchen window, so as to not spook them away, so it's not a very good photo.

We've been seeing as many as 45 turkeys together in the back 40 lately. We have about 12 that frequent up near the house and the chicken pen each morning. Steven still hopes to "catch" one to have for Thanksgiving, but I'm not hot on the idea of preparing it. :)


Also on Monday, I made a trip to the local tractor dealer to try to get the replacement part for the rotary cutter drive shift I obliterated. They are having to order it from Georgia, and it should arrive sometime later this week. Cost me about $100. But then I can mow with the tractor again (just in time for winter!) HA.

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Mel said...

That's a nice picture. Since we started running the goats and the dog through the forest, I haven't seen any wild turkeys on our land. I sure hear them up on the hillside, though.