Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mower Fixed

Got the new drive shaft for the rotary cutter (bush hog) installed last night. Actually, we got it on Monday (Steven went and picked it up for me at the tractor dealer) and got it on the mower that night, but the tractor battery was dead, so I had to re-charge it overnight before I could test everything.

Steven was gone tutoring, so I struggled with getting it hooked up by myself (it's always a little harder that way). The part that attaches to the tractor PTO has a different coupling that previous, but this one is actually a bit easier. I took it for a spin around a couple of areas that needed knocking down -- I really like the new shaft. It runs much smoother and quieter than the old one that broke. (new parts all greased up nice are like that!) :)

It would have been nice if Steven had warned me about that hidden piece of fencing in some of what he asked me to cut, however. Luckily, I hit it while backing up, so going slow and didn't do any damage.

The mowing was short-lived because Steven had put in a "temp" shear pin on the new drive shaft (because I haven't bought a regular shear pin yet); and he must not have put it too tight -- it vibrated right out and was lost, which, of course, then keeps the blade from spinning. So I put it away for the night until I buy that shear pin. It was getting dark anyway. I really don't get much time to work at home after work these days, as darkness creeps up so early.

I suppose that is just going to get worse after November 4th when the clocks change again. I'll have to save work for weekends only or something.

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