Friday, June 17, 2011

June 9th Hail Storm at the Farm

Well, the photos kind of tell the whole story. These hail stones were collected by Steven awhile after they had started melting. He said some were easily as big as baseballs when they came down. Hail & high wind.

This was actually a plexiglass sheet on our back North porch door

My bedroom window, inside and out. Destroyed all layers of glass - 2 levels of storm window and casement window. Glass all over my room and bed. Embedded hail and glass in opposite wall, in both my room and the bathroom. Pretty much the entire north side of our house was hit very hard. The hail came from the north and east.

Steven's greenhouse was not spared. I don't think there is a single panel without some damage. Some of the hail stones went through the roof with such velocity that they smashed stuff down inside the greenhouse.

And then, there's the garden:


Holes everywhere in the soft dirt from where the hail stones hit

Tomato plants (surprisingly, many of these have recovered)

We had lots of tree limbs down - this was in the driveway

And across the front lawn
It was probably almost an hour after the storm that Steven and I went out to check the rain gauge, to find it broken on the ground. And the offending hail stone still next to it.

One of many, many places hit on our roof.

This is not our corn. This is my neighbor's field (one of the benefits to us only owning pasture ground). All the corn fields in the area were not a pretty site. The fields where wheat wasn't yet cut looked not too happy either.