Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Planting time!

The beautiful weather the past few days (in the 70s) has sure put us in the full spring mood, and planting has begun in the garden!

Steven has put in onions and several early, cool-weather crops (like peas, kohlrabi, etc.) already. Today he will probably start on planting all the potatoes. We ended up breaking new garden ground north of the house (in part of the area we burned) to make room for all we plan to plant this year. Although tilling that area was hard the first couple go-rounds; it is wonderful, rich, dark soil.

Yesterday and today we also attended to the spring needs of the young fruit trees. We removed the wire fencing covers (which we use to discourage the deer from nibbling on the young trees) and mowed and cleaned the areas around the base of each tree. Then we will mulch to help keep the area weed free, and re-fasten the wire covers.

We've been busy with quite a bit of tree trimming and brush clearing, still -- trying to get it all done before the trees leaf out and the poison ivy grows any higher! ;)