Friday, December 12, 2008


Looking back through my blog, I see that I have hardly any photos at all of our chickens! So just because I think they deserve a little spotlight, this post is going to be nothing but photos of our wonderful flock that provides so much of our food (eggs).

Our Rooster there was crowned Best of Breed New Hampshire the year we first saw him at the Kansas State Fair. I contacted the man who had brought him up from Oklahoma to show at our Fair, and bought him to service our flock of Rhode Island Red hens. He is king of the hill around here - but a very good rooster. He really looks after and nurtures his hens, and most every egg is fertile.

This past spring, we let a broody hen set on several eggs that were produced by the cross with that rooster and our RIRs, and here are some of the beautiful young cockerels that came out of that match-up. (The pullets produced are nice too, but basically just look like any RIRs).

We actually have not yet decide while one of these three boys we want to keep, and which two should be sold or butchered. There are breeding points we like about each. We have decided to hold off until spring to make that decision for sure, to allow them to finish maturing.