Monday, October 29, 2007

New fencing

Wow - sometimes it is a really good thing to let your needs be known.

While talking to a farmer-friend of ours in our church, we mentioned about Steven re-doing all the fencing and that we needed to purchase new field fencing, but it's expensive.

He said, 'you need fencing? I have fencing - just come get it!'

I had forgotten he used to have a huge hog operation, and sold out, and had all these rolls of very good condition used wovenwire (welded wire) fencing in his barn. We went and picked it up Saturday, and it was quite a lot. And it is much higher quality and higher gauge that what we've been using. And he gave it to us FREE (because we're friends). That was so awesome.

So now Steven has enough finish up that west corral, to give us one more rotational area. He's in the process of ripping out the old, battered stuff now, and pulling up the weak posts and putting in new. It will be awhile before we can actually put animals there, but this is definitely encouraging.

Said farmer also has a barn full of straw bales.... :)
(Straw doubled in price from last year around here)

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Mel said...

That's awesome! Good going with the fencing.

A guy came and offered me fencing a few weeks ago, but it was just flimsy vinyl stuff with thin little posts. He thought it looked similar to my electric netting, but didn't realize that mine was electrified. So it really wasn't anything useful to me.