Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project List #1

This past weekend, our oldest female goat, Bobbie Sue (the only one that is named, as well) lost the set of twins she was carrying. A miscarriage about halfway through term, it appears. Although this loss was not nearly as hard on her (and us) as the lost of her triplets at full birth last February.

We really did not plan to have any kid goats this winter -- we wanted the young does to get older, and we don't like kidding in the cold of winter -- it is hard to get a survival rate. However, apparently our buck Jeffy got Bobbie Sue bred before we sold him in early November. It is somewhat of a relief, however, to not have to worry about baby goats in February, now. At least for this year. The other adult doe does not appear to be pregnant.

Steven wondered if she miscarried because we had them out the day before, shepherding them to a new place to eat, and the other doe spooked and took off at a dead run, which made all the others run after her. While the running probably was not good on Bobbie Sue, I doubt it alone caused the miscarriage.

Okay, I'm going to start trying to keep track of some of our projects here, just so I can get organized and feel a sense of accomplishment as we get them done. I'm going to break the list down into shorter sections, for "small victories." :)

This first list is items I would like to get done before spring arrives at the farm:
  1. Finish outhouse project

  2. Repair bathroom floor/toilet

  3. Begin the myriad of wood cutting we need done - mostly along the hedge rows
  4. Get the now-completed beehive set outside and ready for bees for spring

  5. Get electrical wiring moved so we can remove huge dead tree in backyard
  6. Begin tear-out and re-install of south fence; west corral

  7. Maintenance on mowers

  8. Cut out old pear tree

  9. Burn off garden perimeter

  10. Cut down trees along garden fence

  11. Burn off north pasture/orchard area (as we did last year)(partially done)

  12. Try to get my own bedroom organized/cleaned/sorted and compressed

  13. Begin starter seeds indoors

  14. Study more about converting house to wood heat; begin plans

  15. Finish the farm website

Well, that's enough to get me started. If I get too long of a list, I will get discouraged.


Mary Cate said...

I hear you about long lists and discouragement. I finally stopped making lists because I found them so discouraging.

That was during my way-too-overwhelmed time, though. I am trying to recover and hopefully will not overload myself so badly in the future.

Anonymous said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about your goat.

Good luck with the list, sometimes it helps make you feel more accomplised when you can cross things off! :)

Mel, Foxtail Farm said...

I'm sorry about the miscarriage, but it probably is for the best to not have her kidding in February.

Good luck with your list. That's a pretty good chunk of things to get done before spring, but it looks doable.