Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Kansas Day!

Today is Kansas Day here - marking the anniversary of our state entering into statehood.

It has always been very easy for me to remember how old the State of Kansas is, as it entered the Union as a Free State on January 29, 1861. I was born 100 years later in 1961. So I always know our state is [my age this year] + 100 years! Today, Kansas is 148 years old!

(which, I should add, is not far off from the age of my house!)

The name Kansas is from the Native American tribe Kansa and we were always taught in grade school that this meant "people of the south wind." You can truly understand that designation if you have lived in Kansas for very long! We are known for our gusty winds!

In the next few days I may post about our huge project last weekend (which turned my weekend into a five-day work weekend!) We had to do some major reconstruction of our sewer system and bathroom -- which was actually a project we planned for this coming spring, but not for this freezing time of year!

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