Thursday, February 28, 2008


I took half a day off this morning so we could use our county burn permit to do some much-needed burning before weather makes it impossible.

It was a perfect day for it -- very little wind; just enough to keep things going. There aren't many good burn days in Kansas.

We've had a major problem with a poison ivy infestation in the meadow (or what we call the "orchard" because it is where my grandparents had a 100-tree apple orchard, and where Steven is trying to create a new orchard). So we really needed to get this area burned off to get it back under control. It had thick matting of heavy grasses.

In addition, we had a large brush pile from where we had cleared out some volunteer elm trees and cedars where we didn't want them growing.

Hopefully this will then become another rotating pasture for the goats. We might use temporary fence for this year, but we would like to eventually be able to keep them in here for extended periods of time to also help control the growth of the area, as well as giving them a fresh pasture often.

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