Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring project photos

With springtime here, we have been so busy I haven't had much time to update. So I thought I'd make this short update just a compilation of photos of different projects we have going currently:

First -- something we had been putting off for years due to cost: We are re-roofing our tool shed (called "the washhouse" by us, since that was the original purpose of the building back before they had indoor plumbing inside the house). This has been long needed, and so after the roofing is done, we will work on repairing any siding boards and then repainting the exterior. It's an amazingly good old building for it's age, and we want to make it last.

Steven's been very busy with garden stuff, and has many things planted. Here is a photo of the trench for the asparagus roots he planted. He has also put in rhubarb, and I've ordered horseradish roots; on top of the normal garden stuff we have already put in.

He's begun many plants inside, and his tomato plants are looking especially good. He thinks he will have more than he can use, so he hopes to sell some as bedding plants to other people.

The goats are doing well. He still thinks the young doe (shown here) is pregnant and will probably kid in May. She's not nearly as big as the other doe (who had triplets) was, thank goodness, so we hope she only has one.
The other doe, that lost the triplets, seems to be going back into breeding cycle.

And Steven is supposed to pick up his new baby ducks today! I hope to post photos of them up here next week.

Hope you are all having a wonderful spring!

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