Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Despite the fact I know my son is a genius ;) sometimes he still amazes me at what he can figure out how to do with no prior experience.

Like this nice surprise when I got home last night.

First, a "before" photo (above) - of the east end of our chain link fence in our front yard. I took this just last month. This stretch of fence to the right has been messed up for a year -- since a bad storm dropped huge limbs onto the fence, which wiped out the top bar almost all the way across. I have been planning to pay $$$ to have a fence company come out and put in new top bar and straightened out the kinks.

But when I got home yesterday, this is how it looked!

Steven had found a way to straighten all the bent top bars, used fence stretchers (and my truck) to straighten the skewed uprights, and now has it looking almost like it was never damaged! Kudos to Steven! That was nothing short of amazing - especially since he didn't spend a single dime -- just worked on fixing all the parts that I had given up as un-reusable!

On other notes:
My! How the ducks are growing! It is hard to believe we've only had them for a week and a half and they are now so tall they can see over the top of their box.
Ready to move them on to the next holding area, looks like!

The newly planted asparagus is already up, too! Of course, we won't harvest it this year since it is getting established. But this promises great eating for next spring!

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Mel said...

Wow, he did a great job with that fence.