Monday, December 13, 2010


While I feel empathy for the parts of our nation currently suffering through record cold and blizzard conditions, along with many inches of snow (and I'm glad I am not there) -- part of me wishes at least a bit of that moisture could dip down our way.

We already have the very cold arctic air dropping our temps; but we are so dry. The city weatherman said this morning this is day 25 with no recordable moisture of any kind, and I think for our farm it has been even longer, because what hits in the city, often misses us. Plus the last system that promised rain just barely spit on us.

Fire danger is high, dust is blowing. My fellow bloggers, pray for some rain or wet snow for us - we really need some moisture. Sufficient pasture for livestock is very hard to find right now.

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Queenacres said...

Have you gotten any snow or rain there yet? We're soaked to the bone here!