Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Heat

I feel I should post an update — after all, it is August already — but don't find that I have a lot going on to talk about lately. This is the part of the year where we simply endure the hottest days of summer (109 degrees yesterday) and keep the critters watered and don't get a whole lot more than that done.

Steven has been painting the garage (I will hunt for a pic to post) so it a stark bright white now, compared to our other buildings. Eventually they will all get a fresh coat.

The weeds and grass around the place are armpit high in places, due to my tractor and bush hog being inoperable at the moment. They will just have to stay like that for now — fall and winter will come soon enough, and that will knock everything down to where we can get a handle on it again. We aren't big on "appearances" or aesthetics (making this 'look pretty'), but more interested in using our time on improving the overall infrastructure of the farm, and on growing things that provide food for us year round.

We don't have air conditioning at home (never have). My mother pointed out last night that she has made it 72 summers without a/c, and she figures she came make it through this one and all the future ones, as well. In the evenings, as the shade begins to lengthen, we sit in chairs on the lawn and enjoy the breeze. While sitting there, (instead of in front of the TV like so many people stuck inside with a/c do) we can busy ourselves with shucking corn, or shelling beans, or eating melon, or doing nothing but talking to each other. I think it is a fine way to spend an evening.


Queenacres said...

It's a wonderful way to spend an evening!

It's hot here as well, 102 with heat index of 112. Still 101 at 6pm this evening. We are blessed with a lot of shade trees, and that helps a lot with keeping our animals cool.

This too will pass soon and we'll be chatting about frost and snow :)

Tracy said...

Bite your tongue about ice and snow! I will take 102 any day over the dark cold of winter.

We finally got a break in the weather this past weekend, as well as almost an inch of much-needed rain. It lifted everyone's spirits. Might get more blessed rain on Tuesday.