Friday, August 27, 2010

Almost September!

I am so thankful for the cooler weather we have been experiencing this week! It is amazing how that helps lift the spirits and gets everyone in the mood to get things done. The full moon at night has also been bright and encouraging.

After a couple of August weeks with very hot temperatures here in central Kansas, rain has cooled us off and it has been beautiful. Last night we went to the poultry auction (sold our oldest rooster, New Hampshire, and our white-n-brown drake duck) and it was gorgeous weather for the outdoor auction. We thought about buying a set of turkeys, but they weren't quite what we wanted. There was a good turnout, although many of the "regular" people didn't seem to be around.

There were also some "tourists" at the poultry auction. Yoder will be hosting their annual "Heritage Days" this weekend, and that brings in people from all over the country. Well, some of them were there early (snowbirds in big RVs) and they came over to watch the poultry auction. We got several chuckles out of things we would overhear them say to each other about the birds -- it was obvious many did not understand anything about poultry!

On the way home we stopped at a farm to purchase a few bales of prairie hay to keep for the goats during the worst parts of winter. Always good to have on hand, and great to find a local supplier that we drive by once a month on our way to the auction.

Steven says we are now pretty much "set for winter" -- meaning we really don't need to sell or buy anything more (livestock-wise), except for a new Boer buck. He is looking for a young buckling (doesn't have to be registered) or younger buck, but has not yet found exactly what he is seeking, as of yet. I think that about him -- he is picky enough to get quality, and patient enough to wait and keep looking until he finds exactly what is needed.

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