Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Goats

Last Friday (March 5th) we had some more kids born. Our last two nannies both gave birth about the same time in the early morning. However, one doe lost hers (stillborn) while the other had a live birth of a little male (buckling). Then both girls proceeded to spend all weekend fighting over who the live baby belonged to! (Steven got to play King Solomon). We really don't know for sure which one had the successful birth, since they were all the in barn together. However, they seemed to have settled on "sharing" the little boy, and he gets the best end of the deal by nursing on both mamas.

Steven with two kids - one male, one female, born a week apart.

Steven's herd really won't increase in quantity this year -- because we plan to butcher our oldest doe for our freezer; and we plan to either sell or butcher our buck, and get new buck blood for our next 2011 season of kids.

Our buck is for sale now (or we might butcher him).
He was born here last February, 2009.
He's been a great Billy - gave us good kids,
and has a good temperament for a buck.

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Queenacres said...

Congrats on the new kids!