Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Doeling

Well, the first of our three expectant mama goats gave birth this past weekend. Actually, first to kid was our smallest doe. But she seemed to do fine. When Steven went out to the barn to check the girls early Saturday morning, this mama had just given birth. (Steven had rightly said on Friday night that this doe seemed very close to giving birth - probably within 24 hours). She actually had one male and one female (I was very surprised she was big enough to carry two!) but the male was stillborn.

However, the new little doeling is doing quite well. We watched them closely the first day, as it was this doe's first time as a mama, and at times she seemed a bit confused about what she should do. But finally they got the nursing thing going and baby girl has done quite well since then.

(there is audio with this, so turn up your speakers to hear her!)

The other two Does are still leaving us waiting -- Steven keeps a close eye on them in case they should need any help when the time comes.

Now I'm working on getting decent photos of our Billy goat in order to advertise him for sale. He's a great Billy, but related to these does, and we need some new blood. The kids born this spring show he is fertile and able to "do his job" and I hope someone will want him for their own breeding buck. He's a bit smaller than some bucks (he is not a year old yet) but I am sure he will get as big as his daddy was. Plus he has a lot better temperament so far.

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Janelle said...

Glad to see you back blogging :) Goats are so cute, but I couldn't imaging how to fence the right.