Thursday, October 15, 2009


I know, it's been OVER a month since I last made a blog post. I'm a slacker.

It is amazing how much I feel like I can't post since my digital camera broke. I just don't like to write without photos to share.

Here are the highlights of the last month:
1) 10 days in Branson, MO -- very enjoyable, even though it rained almost every day and was cool.
2) Broken hot water pipe at home under the laundry room floor. We are STILL working on it. Have been without hot water now since October 1. :(
3) Another new dog, to keep Lilly company -- Bella is part Great Pyrenees and part St. Bernard. She is wonderful and has an awesome temperament. Now we are just working on getting Lilly to accept her into the family. Lilly is so protective (which is exactly what she is supposed to do!)
4) Wood Stove project still not totally done yet. Relying on a borrowing electric room-heater to keep the chill off at nights until we get this fully installed.
5) 14 straight days of below-normal temperatures for this area, overcast and drizzle and/or rain. I'm in sore need of sunlight!

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