Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tile is Done!

With the help of our good friend with a local tile company (actually he did ALL the work), we have the tile laid in the main room of the house to prepare for the wood stove installation.

We have been blessed through this process in many ways: 1) having a friend willing to take on our small project and tutor us through it. 2) receiving the actual quarry tile free from someone on Craig's list who no longer wanted it (it is used tile). Both huge costs savings that made the otherwise impossible project possible for us.

When we pulled up the carpet in this area of the main room, we first found this very interesting linoleum over the wood floor. From the outstandingly large paisley pattern, I'm going to guess it is from the mid-1930s. Luckily, it was not glued down, so could be removed easily. Almost hated to, though. It was like an antique. :)

So now the tile is done (yes, I know from the photos that I need to repaint my baseboard and stuff -- one step at a time!) Next on the project is to tear out that paneling on the wall behind and begin working on the chimney, and figuring out how to get the stove pipe installed properly.

All advice from friends welcome!


Jamie Allen said...

thought you would find this good reading.

Tracy said...

Thanks so much! That was a great link. I have been researching and bookmarking information on stove piping all day.
We aren't actually going through a wall, per se -- there is an old chimney there (you can only see the bottom of it in the photo, and it has been paneled over). We ripped off the paneling last night, now are contemplating how to proceed. :)