Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Well, I haven't been keeping up on my blog, obviously, for most of this year.  I will try to get busy before the end of the year and do a complete "This was 2012" summary of our year.

But for today, I just wanted to post a few photos of our Thanksgiving dinner from this week.  My other two kids came home for it, and we also hosted my almost-96-year-old Uncle Paul, and his sister, my Aunt Ida.  It was a record-breaking warm day for Thanksgiving in Kansas, getting up to 75 sunny degrees.  Made for a beautiful day.

The boys had the table all set up the night before, fully expanded, with dishes at the ready.
(The room is mostly empty because we recently just got done refinishing the wood floor, and don't have everything moved back in yet)

Steven worked hard to make the Cornucopia centerpiece just right.

Our domestic Tom Turkey peaks in the window to see what is going on as we prepare dinner :)

Getting ready to eat. (Steven and I aren't pictured here)

I wanted to at least get one photo with Steven in it.
I'm fine with there being no photos with me in them :)

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