Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kids galore!

We love this time of year!

Sunday afternoon, the first of our six pregnant nannies gave birth to healthy, beautiful twins (a boy and a girl).

Then, as expected, that 'set off' the rest of the girls, and we got another set of twins Monday morning (another boy/girl combo) and another set on Monday afternoon (two girls). Three more mamas to go (which might have already happened - as I haven't heard from Steven yet today).

(I hope to get photos of the new kids up this week too)

Very busy time of year - but the kind of busy we like.

Sold the Boer buck over the weekend. Got all the potatoes planted, onions are up and we planted more — love the feel of that fresh-tilled earth in my fingers!

Steven has the entire bay window of the house packed with seedling plants (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes from seed, and I don't know what else) rigged up with three major grow lights and lots of sunlight coming in the windows.

A funny thing recently -- our female goose has been busily 'setting' on a nest of 15 eggs. For the first few days, her male companion, the gander, very possessively guarded her (to the point we almost couldn't walk through the back yard, he would get so upset!). However, after a few days of that he seemed to become bored; and now instead he spends all his time during the day just 'hanging out' with the Tom turkey. Like best buds, wherever the turkey goes, the gander does. And they have quite the "conversation" the whole time! Very loud chatter between the two of them makes for a noisy barnyard!

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Kelle said...

So glad you found some time to share your families happenings. Sounds like you are off to a wonderful gardening start too.
Baby goats are just precious and so fun to watch as the bound and run.
We look forward to updated photos of your kids( baby goats)
Blessings for your week, may it be filled with productivity,