Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photos to share

Haven't updated in awhile, so thought I'd share some photos of what we have been busy with around the home place.

First, several of our chickens went broody around the same time, so Steven put about a dozen eggs under each. As we got into the very hot weather a week or so ago, the success rate wasn't as high, but we still got several chicks. These will probably be our last batches for this year. Steven will go through and select the ones that best fit with his breeding program, and sell any others at the poultry auction.

Also, we still have some of the older chicks, which are doing well (we already sold a few of these). The brownish/strange colored one is a cross between our Iowa Blue hens and our New Hampshire rooster.

Steven also did some maintenance on the windmill head. He makes it look like its so easy. (I should note there were also hornets up there who didn't appreciate his interference, and buzzed around, but nothing stung him)

Then this weekend, we got a deluge of rain that pretty much flooded the pasture. You can click on this link to see the whole album of photos of it.

The rain has made the weed-work in the garden quite taxing. That is why I'm not sharing any garden photos with you this time. *wink* Things are still growing, it just isn't pretty. However, our young peach tree is really loaded!

and Steven found a bird nest in the lower branches:


Janelle said...

Awesome pics, I wish we could get a few eggs hatched. That's ALOT of rain, we faired a bit better but it made the area by the barn a very deep mud pit, ewwww :(

Tracy said...

Thanks Janelle. :) But you know, I don't post our failures (LOL). A lot of what we do is "try, try again" because not everything goes as planned. We have some hatchings we wait the whole month for, but it doesn't happen. All you can do it start over. Hope your day is going better, now, than you morning was :)

Queenacres said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you are going to have a great peach harvest. I see you are having a lot of rain there too, we're having so much rain I may have to get muck boots for my goaties!

Elisabeth said...

Tracy, I really enjoy hearing about your country lifestyle. I love rural life.

I left a reply to your comment on my blog about stopping at your place. I didn't know if you would see it so that's why I mention it. Thank you for the kind offer. That would have been kind of fun to stop in and meet your family.

Elisabeth @ Treasuring the Moments