Friday, April 2, 2010

New Goats

We made a trip about a week ago up to the Emporia area to take a look at several goats a nice man up there had posted for sale. Some of his stock was from the Kensing Spanish line, and Steven had read quite a bit about that breed, and had thought about incorporating some of that blood line in his current Boer herd.

However, after seeing the Spanish goats, he was surprised at how small in size that breed is, so he decided to not purchase the ones with Spanish blood. But while there, he did see a couple of mixed-breed girls he felt would make good additions to our herd. (probably Kiko and other blood lines) Plus, there was a good chance they were already bred, and that made the price more than reasonable.

Well, yesterday one of the two does had her kid! Steven said he could tell all day she was going into labor because she kept separating herself from the rest of the herd, and calling out. She gave birth to a very cute little white w/red splotches kid. The Mama is very shy and skittish, so we didn't get close enough yesterday to determine if the new baby is male or female - Steven will probably let me know that today. Did get her rounded up into the smaller pen and barn, so she can have her own space for awhile.

The other doe we bought will probably also kid soon.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo - it was taken with my cell phone very late in the evening, with limited lighting in the barn.

(Addendum! -- Steven just called to tell me that the other doe had her babies this morning - twins. Gender not yet determined. One is "mostly black" and the other is "colored like a Boer but with a black head". And he has determined that this baby shown above, born yesterday, is a female.) :)

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Queenacres said...

Adorable!! Glad to see you having a doe year!