Friday, February 5, 2010

More Snow

It certainly has been a snowy winter. Reminds me more of the winters I remember as a child than the ones we have had the past few years. In the past month, as well, we've had more foggy days than I can ever recall -- makes us feel like we are living in London instead of Kansas. Kansas is supposed to have wind, which blows fog away. Not lately.

Late last week we got another 7-8 inches of snow. It was beautiful, I have to admit. Although I'd rather not drive in it, and cutting and hauling in more firewood last weekend pretty much did my body in for the week.

We broke down and purchased some alfalfa hay from a neighbor for the goats, rather than making them dig through the snow for grass, to keep them on our pasture-only management program. Besides, the three gals are pregnant mama goats, and we want their kids (which should arrive mid-February) to come out healthy.

As you can see, they couldn't even let us set the bales down for a minute to open the gate to the storage area. The buck jumped up on top of one of the bales, which was already precarioiusly perched on top of a plastic bucket. They munched away, not waiting for us to cut the wire and dole it out properly to their hay area.

I'm tired of snow now. Ready for spring. Steven has already ordered all his garden seeds, got the seeds he saved ready, and has seedlings started indoors. He is browsing his Stark Bros. catalog for his next fruit tree purchases. We have spring fever full blown.

Checking the orchard trees planted last year

Lilly and Bella are glad to see us out and about.

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Queenacres said...

I am SO glad to see you posting again! Sorry you folks are seeing such snow...but at least you are warm and cozy!