Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's That Time of Year

(click for larger view)

..the sweet fragrances of the blossoms of locust trees fill the air all around our farm. I love it when the locust bloom. So do the bees!

Have spent much of this week rototilling under cover-crop on the north half of the main garden, getting it ready to plant. Now that the rains has stopped, there is so much for Steven to plant, and in so little time! (Yet, rains are predicted again before the end of Memorial Day weekend)

This will probably be my last update post until I return from Pennsylvania. I wish you all a blessed growing season!


Beegirl said...

Hope you had a nice trip to PA! Your garden is looking wonderful! I think we had the same tiller, but it was a bit much to handle. Sold it and am looking for one a bit smaller. We can till the big stuff with the tractor.

Jamie Allen said...

can't wait to read more, when are you going to post again?