Monday, April 6, 2009

Potato Planting

Well, first I should mention that our big planned project for the weekend, the bee cut-out, got postponed for a week. :(

We had everything set and ready to go remove a wild bee hive from a wall of a home (where it is not wanted) and transplant it to our bee hive (where it is very much is wanted). However, when that cold front charged through over the weekend, and the winds were gusting to 53 mph, with the temps barely hitting 40 as a high, our expert beekeeper friends said it would probably be best (for the health of the bees) to defer this job until next week if possible. That is mainly because last night and tonight are going to be hard freezes (record cold tonight, they said) and this kind of move and recovery is very hard on bees -- we want to do everything we can to give them the best chance of successfully making the transition. The cold will also be affecting the very blossoms that will be needed for the bees to thrive in the new location. So we need a few warm days. Pray that next weekend will work out, weather-wise. I don't even care if it rains on us, as long as it doesn't make it too muddy to drive the truck into the bee site.

One thing that did get accomplished this weekend was finally getting potatoes in the ground. I am very late with this, I know. Tilled up the potato garden area (north area -- separate from our main garden, and west of our orchard) and put in 10 pounds of Cobbler seed potatoes, 5 pounds of Kennebec, 5 pounds of Viking, and 5 pounds of Russet. Will probably put in more in the future. After working on that for several hours, it truly gave me a deep appreciation for the part of The Farmer Boy (by Laura Ingalls Wilder) that talks about them hand planting and watering 5 acres of potatoes. I can only imagine!

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