Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More free stuff

We had another friend inform us that her son had purchased a rural property that "had some stuff" on it when he bought it that he was just going to get rid of, or cut up for scrap. Offered it to us.

We went over there in the car on Sunday and looked it over -- a huge hog feeder, a chicken brooder hood, some small cages, etc. Usable -- definitely not something that should be just scrapped out. I don't know if we will use all the stuff, but we can take it off their hands and then figured it out from there.

What I was most excited about, though, was when we went behind the barn, where he was mentioning an old cattle chute -- but next to it was a wonderful stock rack (to be mounted on a pickup bed)! It's perfect for my pickup -- I had been drawing up plans to build my own out of wood, but don't have the money for the lumber. This was a wonderful livestock carrier that is all steel and have a pulley-type gate on the back. It alone was so worth the trip out there to see the stuff!

The only down side is we need to go get the stuff - and it is over a hour away from our house. That's a lot of gas in my old pickup, with its bald tires that I'm not sure will make the trip. :( So I would love to get the stuff this week, but don't have the money for gas to go get it. And it will probably take more than one trip to get all the stuff out of there. *sigh*

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