Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We are in the bulls eye tonight for severe storms forecasted (like high probability of tornadoes and damaging hail!) So bad is the forecast, that even the two local colleges cancelled all night classes as we eye the radar of massive storms coming up from northern Oklahoma. Keep us in your prayers. It would be painful to have years of work wiped away in a storm; as so many others have already experienced this year.

But we also need rain so badly. We got 1/4 inch one day last week, 1/4 inch another day, and about 6/10ths the third day. Not enough to help our parched ground after months of drought.

Thought I would throw a few recent photos up here real fast, to share, and for posterity in case we're blown away... (HA)

We still have quite a few "babies" around the farm.

Most recently, our new friend Donna Inkelaar hatched for us (with her incubators) these fine young chicks for Steven's breeding project.

(this was taken about a day after we brought them home. They are larger now, and spending most of their time in the outside enclosed pen)

Also, teacher-mom-lady Marie hatched out several duck eggs for us, but also using them as a teaching tool for her own young children and the kids she cares for. I think this was an awesome idea. They are growing fast:

Not long ago, one of our hen ducks hatched out an entire nest of eggs she had been broody over. We have no idea how many eggs were under her, because some of the other ducks kept laying in that nest for several days before she started brooding. So we were amazed when she hatched out 22 ducklings! That is a lot for any momma duck!

Our goslings are getter bigger each day. Almost as tall as their parents, but not yet feathering in...

and the chicks we got from our neighbors, the McCurrys, have turned out to be an interesting assortment. These pullets have feathered in nicely and are quite pretty:

Last but not least, a lot of our time is spent in the garden. Steven has really worked hard on it this year, and has a lot to show for his time. But it needs rain. Very badly. Praying for rain tonight, but without the hail and damaging wind.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Story with Photos!

What a busy spring this has been!

Like many fellow bloggers and homesteaders, our place is overflowing with babies this time of year. Baby geese, baby chicks, baby ducks, baby pigeons, baby goats... and now even a puppy!

Puppy and Lilly

We picked up our new puppy last weekend from a local family. He is half Great Pyrenees and half Akbash. We are hoping he and our current Anatolian Shepherd/Pyr mix, Lilly, will make a fine pair. We haven't firmly decided on a name for him, but are leaning toward Titus or Titan. As you know, we previously have had a hard time getting Lilly to accept another dog on the place -- she is ferciously protective! But by introducing a puppy, she seems to not see it as a threat, and it is great companionship for her, too!

baby goslings with their parents

It is still so very very dry. *sadness* That has not change in the month since I last posted. We have not had an measurable precipitation since the snows in February. Steven is having to water the garden every day. He has everything planted, including yesterday setting out about 40 tomato plants!

Because of the lack of rain, we are taking the goats out to graze each evening for an hour or two -- just shepherding them and allowing them to roam to where they can find what they want, but keeping them off the road and away from harm.

The adult goats prefer the tree leaves anyway, so as we take them to the big pasture, they go for the new leaves on the mulberry and hedge trees.

While the young'uns prefer to just play 'climb the mountain' on all massive the old tree stumps. They are sure fun to watch. The kids are getting old enough to do quite a bit of browsing, too; yet go back for momma's milk now and then.

I love standing out with the goats in the evening light this time of year - it is so peaceful and nice. Looking at the huge old hedge trees that have been here a century....

The goats know the routine so well now, that as the sunset drops to the horizon, they mosey back toward the gate and are no trouble to put away for the night.

And I will leave you with one more pic. Our iris garden is in full bloom -- lots of different colors and styles and sizes. But this one has always been my favorite. It is called Dotted Swiss.

(as always, you can click on any of these photos in order to see a larger version)